Willys MB 127897

Disassembled and in barn storage since 2002 near Dayton OH. Prior to that was stored for many years by a vehicle collector near Sandusky OH whose family owned either a Packard, Hudson or similar car dealership. This owner told the owner in Dayton that it had been used as a Fire Jeep. - Early stamped flat top grille - Wind deflector under hood - Script Willy's Tub - Frame tag present - Center glove box tag present and is coded "CHI" for Chinese Lend Lease - Early small mouth gas tank - Front seat frames have split tops with tube seams - Driver's seat has correct small hole for gas tank - "gas" gage - 50/50 amp meter - Tub number 31415 (I believe it is original) - Yellow dichromate primer under OD on tub - Hood, fenders & frame were black primered - Locking glove box button - Large diameter rear driveshaft - Front axle dated 3/12/42 - Rear axle dated 2/25/42 - Unfortunately the Tranny is Nov '44 GPW - Transfer case is Spicer S/N J_334669 - Engine was a '48 Willys 4x4 truck (S/N 4T26541) - Head was GPW (6015_1 casting) - Has an early intake manifold with no cast bosses - Later CJ windshield with "Tame Goose" in cursive writing stenciled on it, possibly before it was installed on this MB. - MB windshield included has no rifle brackets, but may not be original. - Trailer socket was installed in field - Rear tub gussets added (welded) in field - Front torque spring also added in field - Hood/Cowl star found under paint but is pointing toward grill instead of toward dash (this star was on top of second coat of paint) - Remnants of first hood star in center of hood, also with top point facing toward grill. - Two layers of rear stars found: Originals were larger (6-7"), and one was very crooked. Second layer were smaller (4-5") higher and further back. - Multiple maintenance notes found under hood "11/8/44, 3PM" along with cylinder compression numbers "112_113_112_106" - May also be a partial word over driver's rear wheel well "..OGE..." in small black letters. - Small remnants of drab blue hood/USA numbers found, but number not legible. - Stenciled writing in white on the red layer of paint found above the transfer case levers. Believe these were operating instructions from when it was a fire jeep. - Purchased engine MB-417296 for it on 4/5/2020, cast 5-18-1944, machined 5-20-1944. This engine was most likely part of a PE-95 generator set. The engine was found in a barn near Youngstown OH.

Name Cam Bennett
City, State/Region, Country Chardon, OH, United States
Frame Number 127897
Engine Number MB-417296
Body Number 31415
Body Type ACM Type 1
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number (est) 2081771
Factory Mystery Code CHI
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1942-03-16
Date of Acquisition 2019-12-07
Date Info Created 2019-10-16 13:00:15
Date Info Last Updated 2020-08-10 11:52:24
Willys MB 127897
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