Willys MB 115020

Listed on milweb: Willys Slat Grill, s/n 115020, DoD January 1942. Body number 18659 or 13659 (original frame tag, dashboard data plates missing), very original, solid and straight body with original rear script panel, with split hinges in rear tool box lids still with working keyed locks (one of the two has a small cut to let a gas pipe go out on the jeep side). There is a split pipe passenger seat, Filterette, 30 amp gauge, early gear box and transfer case with thin early levers, square clutch pedal, black Sheller, early front and rear axles, original 3 air deflectors, original early hood, regulator, bucket lights, etc... Frame requires some attention: in the front there is an additional pipe to be removed, it misses the front bumper gussets but there is still its original frame tag; the rear part misses the cross member (I have a spare one that I include). W3 later engine. €13000 COMMENTS: Filterette is HINGED, Slat Grill, No Glovebox, both number "1" in S/N are stamped with "I", two piece battery tray. Tub number looks like 13659 to me, so I entered it that way. Windshield has remnants of rifle brackets, looks like a later speedo, front frame horns torched/welded.

Name Cam Bennett
City, State/Region, Country UNK, UNK, ITALY
Frame Number 115020
Engine Number UNK
Body Number 13659
Body Type ACM Type 1
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number UNK
Factory Mystery Code UNK
Gross Weight UNK
Data Plate Origin Missing
Data Plate Material Unknown
Date of Delivery 1942-01-00
Date of Acquisition 0000-00-00
URL For More Info https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4499/97823
Date Info Created 2020-02-10 11:32:07
Date Info Last Updated 2020-02-10 11:32:07
Willys MB 115020
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