Ford GPW 257574

My GPW came to Norway in 1949, and was used in The Norwegian Army until 1979. My father who was in the Home Guard was given the oportunity to buy it for only $60!  When I got my drivers licence in 1982 I took over the Jeep, and used it as my day to day car for almost 2 years, but kept it as my hobby. After several years with periodically studies ( a lot through I think I have found out its technical status. It is a "Jeep salat" who most certain was part of an early rebuilt programme in Germany - before it was purchased by the Norwegian Army (some years before US weapons aid). It is in an almost intact "rebuilt" status. The  "Ford" composite ACM 2 body is the earliest I have seen registrered (no 346) and have some interesting features (holes for grease gun, but not for lubrication chart, push-pull light switch, rubber gommets). Unfortunately the Norwegian Army, during many years of maintenance, took out the GPW engine that was listed in the original import documents, and replaced it with a 44 mod Willys engine. Its has always been in good working condition and used regularly all year round. Later years I have had to do some more extensive maintenance work (complete overhaul of brakes, carburator, generator). This year I have to do the radiator and paint up the engine department. I try to keep in the original rebulit standard and have reversed most of post war changes (electrical wipers, place of shovel, type of fire extinguisher, seat cushins). During my 15 years of army service I gathered all original tools from other US war time weichles before they were sold (Jeeps, Dodges, GMC, Scout cars, Whites).

Name Hans Petter Thorvaldsen
City, State/Region, Country Høvåg, Lillesand, Norway
Frame Number GPW 257 574
Engine Number 332638
Body Number 346
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number
Factory Mystery Code
Gross Weight 1113 kg
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Unknown
Date of Delivery 1945-03-00
Date of Acquisition 1979-08-00
Date Info Created 2001-11-24 09:30:11
Date Info Last Updated 2021-01-04 22:45:28
Ford GPW 257574
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