Ford GPW 40449

This Jeep was bought by a veteran from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. in 1945. It was used at a fishing camp in the Ozarks to haul john boats into the lake for a while till the rear end broke. Sat for 15 years in a shed till Willis Huffman of Fulton, MO. bought it to run around on his farm. As he was loading it on his trailer he asked the original owner if he had any of the original parts. "Well sure! Got a hole box of them if you want them!" So I believe all the small parts like B/O lights and brackets are original to this Jeep. This was about 1975. Willis started looking for parts and realised there was collector intrest in Jeeps in original condition. He reassembled it and painted it green again as it was once red I think. I saw an add in the Supply Line. It was about Christmas 1997 I think. I got directions and headed to Fulton about 120 miles away. It had snowed and I got lost on the farm roads. Then I saw those distinctive Jeep tracks in the snow as Willis had drove it to get his mail. I followed the tracks to his house and bought the Jeep! This is my first Jeep and I knew little about military vehicles then except that I wanted to WWII reenact and like original things. The more original the better. When I got home I noticed there were all the original manuals in the glove box. I have never been dissapointed in my purchase and have turned down many offers to sell it. While it has had a coat of paint put on it it has never been restored. It has no extra holes drilled in it or the usual deer hunter modifications. Someday it will belong to my sons. I am sad to say the original engine has developed cracks and will be replaced till I can get the cracks repaired. In 2006 I was able to take my Jeep to Normandy as part of the 2nd Armored Back to the Bocage tour. We drove it 500 miles without a problem. Perry Locke

Name Perry Locke
City, State/Region, Country Florissant, Missouri, United States
Frame Number 40449
Engine Number 40449
Body Number
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number
Factory Mystery Code
Gross Weight 0
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1942-06-10
Date of Acquisition 1996-12-26
URL For More Info
Date Info Created 2003-08-08 11:36:25
Date Info Last Updated 2010-05-30 18:48:34
Image of jeep
Ford GPW 40449
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