Willys MB 247065

Jeep was bought and restored in 1996 had GPW engine and original zinc data plates and chassis tag. Full rebuild body off of frame, replaced front floor and all top hat sections, steering gear-starter-generator-regulator-driveshafts-transmission-transfer box and kingpins rebuilt, new wiring harness and brake system,original parts re-used were possible. Found bullet hole in body tub left hand side above stowage bin possible pot shot at star, also found steering wheel horn button and nut up inside the rear chassis box section in dirt. Civilian registered May 1946 in Middlesex Great Britain has.12 volt electrical system of original type. found remains of decontaminator bracket fixing on rh front wing/fender adjacent to step has had radio terminal box fitted originally *current hood number estimated* original not known. GPW engine No243385 started to misfire at idle in 98, ignition and fuel ok valve guides worn.found engine beyond worthwhile repair needed valves guides cam followers bore+50 con rod(wrong hand fitted no3) block crack above distributor. IT NEVER LET ME DOWN IN 2200MLS THOUGH. so i have kept it as a spare it still runs and fitted a rebuilt Willys unit this one is so smooth runing and realy pulls from low rpm i get about 15-18 Miles to an imperial gallon (4.54 litres). as long as its in a high gear how it is driven doesnt seem to influence consumption greatly. have recently found willys MB 246988 DOD JULY 6TH 43 original plates and matching chassis tag. BUILT 77 JEEPS BEFORE MINE delivered the day before current owner has had it since 1961 . it is in lovely original used condition. interestingly it has early (or ford style hood to screen retaining studs fitted around the rear body tub 3 on each side and also several around the half door opening additional to the door fasteners also there are 2 ffotmans loops 1 within 1 inch of the hood bow fixing bracket to the forward side and slightly below and one to the forward side of the side body handle and about 4 inches below at a ( 45 ish) degree angle . on the drivers side it is on the forward side of shovel footmans loop at the same height, when i restored my jeep i filled lots of extra hole in asuming them to be post war ,i have checked and the studs on this jeep match the filled holes on mine the footmanloops spacing is exact this other jeep was first registered in shropshire in 1947 to a farmer. does anyone know why these 2 jeeps built in the same 24hrs have these fittments or has anyone seen similar studs fitted or know what they are for where they part of a modified batch ect?. my jeep still has 1 stud in situe i know in had 3 prior to restoration . I believe that these jeeps where shipped cratted and assembled in the uk?. please contact me if you have any info or knowledge

Name Simon Smith
City, State/Region, Country Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire, Great Britain
Frame Number 247065
Engine Number Was(GPW243385)NOW WILLYS
Body Number 145598
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number Estimated not known
Factory Mystery Code ord
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Zinc
Date of Delivery 1943-07-06
Date of Acquisition 1943-07-06
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Date Info Created 2003-07-22 16:43:21
Date Info Last Updated 2003-07-22 16:43:21
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Willys MB 247065
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