Ford GPW 107860

Received delivery 6-17-03. More to follow as I discover it. Looks like drive train is original, mostly undisturbed, so far: R/F Hood "US NAVY 87326" in school bus yellow paint 3 1/4" letters over light grey paint. L/R panel "US NAVY 87326", in black 2" letters over dark grey paint and the same in yellow 3 1/4" letters as above. Heads GPW 2 C (visible), (more under brackets) Generater GPW 4X00563 Distributor Autolite X8 5074C61 Carb Carter WO Starter GPW 2Y? Original USA number located by Jim Gilmore in Ford shipping records. Motor assembled in Rouge Motor Building on Friday 3/26/43. Jeep built at the Ford Louisville, KY Branch Plant on 4-12-43. Shipped by rail on shipping order #C-136483, box car #SL&SF 152055 with 5 synthetic tires on 4-13-43. Most original USA numbers located under later applied Navy numbers.

Name Mike Pellin
City, State/Region, Country Hollister, CA, United States
Frame Number GPW107860
Engine Number GPW107860
Body Number None-unnumbered Ford type
Body Type Ford
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 20370739 S
Factory Mystery Code 1/4 T
Gross Weight 2265
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Plated Steel
Date of Delivery 1943-04-12
Date of Acquisition 2003-06-17
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Date Info Created 2003-08-12 21:49:59
Date Info Last Updated 2015-01-06 18:08:56
Image of jeep
Ford GPW 107860
Started restoration, all in pieces, health stopped restoration.
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