Willys MB 177547

Sorry, only a derelict glove compartment door, however with all data plates on it. Funny to note that it has both, Zinc and Brss! The item was dug up in Germany, in Fallingbostel on the grounds of Britisch Army Barracks of the BAOR. These Barracks where, however, German Army ones pre 1945 and large training grounds and shooting ranges all around. No one can say when the lid got "buried". It most likely is off a British vehicle...wheather ripped of the vehicle in fighting in 1945 or by British soldiers occupying the barracks since than even upto today, when messing around with the Jeep in the 1950s...who knows ! There were no other Jeep items to be found around the "escavation site"...the sharp dent in the middle of the lid was caused by the shovel while digging the thing up...It was given to me as a present by a Sgt. of the 2 RTR of the BAOR in Fallingbostel in 1997. I wonder if the vehicle survived ???

Name Lars-Uwe Rudek
City, State/Region, Country Quickborn, Dithmarschen, Germany
Frame Number n/a
Engine Number n/a
Body Number n/a
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number n/a
Factory Mystery Code QMC
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Zinc
Date of Delivery 1942-09-28
Date of Acquisition 1942-09-28
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Date Info Created 2003-08-09 06:17:19
Date Info Last Updated 2003-08-09 06:17:19
Image of jeep
Willys MB 177547
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