Ford GPW 56685

I acquired this 1942 GPW at age 17 in 1983. It was my first car!
Following a road accident in 1986 the Jeep was completely rebuilt, using most of the original parts while replacing the WOF parts which were put on it during its French Army service.
A complete motorpool type restoration with today's knowledge and parts using the original glove box door as reference was finished early June 2021!
Thanks for watching!

City, State/Region, Country Nieuwmunster, Flanders, Belgium
Frame Number Altered to local VIN
Engine Number 542440 (2-45 Replacement)
Body Number None
Body Type Ford
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 20144731
Factory Mystery Code 4x4
Gross Weight 2430
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1942-08-18
Date of Acquisition 1983-10-14
Date Info Created 2004-03-07 02:43:43
Date Info Last Updated 2021-06-18 07:24:54
Image of jeep
Ford GPW 56685
'29th, Let's Go!!'
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