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GPW 161577

This jeep was put together from a bunch of extra parts I had laying around. Repop Genmark body :(
(Archer Bro's are much better), and for more pictures see the jeeps Restoration.
Hood number is a best guess. Other numbers are actual.

Model & Serial Number GPW 161577
Registrant's Name Ron Fitzpatrick
City, State/Region, Country St. Helena, California, United States
Date of Acquisition 1943-12-03
Date this SNdb Record Created 1999-02-07 08:28:44
Date This SNdb Record Last Updated 1999-02-07 08:28:44

Image of Data Plate
Mystery Box 4X4
Gross Weight 2430
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery (DOD) 1943-12-03
According to our records, and the contents of your "Mystery Box", your jeep was built at the Dallas, Texas assembly plant.

Image of Frame Number
Frame Number GPW 277216

Image of Engine Number
Engine Number GPW 105745

Image of Hood Number
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 20458401-S

Image of Body Number
Body Number N/A
Body Type Unknown

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