Willys MB 122397

I found this slat-grill Willys jeep by accident; it was in a contractor's back lot, used for sidewalk plowing years ago. The engine still runs and tranny needs a rebuild. Rusty but all the little doodads still attached. Home made "cabin" outfitted with 6-volt heater and fans. 3 combat rims with truck along with original pintle and spare tire mount. I left it in the shape I found it while I finish my second M43 and move some other trucks around. I need to learn a lot about this truck but reluctant to remove any of the garish mods until I know what's underneath. My other trucks are M37 series. Looking forward to the answers to my questions. Regards, Mobilized Medic Addendum 25 Feb 07; While sanding the hood three color layers emerged with same reg. number. OD, then strata blue, then a Different OD. Star on hood small type above the hinge.

City, State/Region, Country Antigo, WI, United States
Frame Number 122397
Engine Number 4LR110881AB
Body Number 25738
Body Type ACM Type 1
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 2049887
Factory Mystery Code
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Aluminum
Date of Delivery 1942-02-25
Date of Acquisition 0000-00-00
URL For More Info
Date Info Created 2006-12-18 20:26:04
Date Info Last Updated 2007-03-12 04:24:43
Willys MB 122397
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