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GPW 240019

Purchased with MB 484771 under the hood. Great running engine, but wrong pedigree. Subsequently obtained a bare November 10, 1944 (K 10 4) GPW block. This unit was already a replacement block as it had a cartouche stamped above the manifolds and a serial number of 23315, much lower than would have been on an engine with this casting date. Also purchased a February 28, 1945 (B 28 5) running GPW engine to strip for parts. Once rebuilt, the completed engine will be restamped 240019, but never listed as matching numbers. Based on the two closest GPWs in the list, the date of delivery will be stamped Tuesday December 12, 1944 on replacement dataplates. I've been slowly acquiring NOS and take-off parts to steer it back to factory spec. Don't know if I'll ever get it completely original, but as long as I have fun attempting to do so and the GPW ends up better than when I found it, then I can't complain.

Model & Serial Number GPW 240019
Registrant's Name John Zollinger
City, State/Region, Country Bryan, Texas, United States
Date of Acquisition 1997-11-26
Date this SNdb Record Created 2009-02-04 21:54:26
Date This SNdb Record Last Updated 2010-02-19 21:36:08

Image of Data Plate
Mystery Box Unknown (data not yet provided)
Gross Weight
Data Plate Origin Reproduction
Data Plate Material Aluminum
Date of Delivery (DOD) 0000-00-00

Image of Frame Number
Frame Number 240019

Image of Engine Number
Engine Number 240019 Replacement

Image of Hood Number
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number

Image of Body Number
Body Number
Body Type ACM Type 2

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