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Ford GPW 107775

Former radio jeep. Used as a daily driver. 12 volt conversion. Original body, frame and block. Missing data plate.

Model & Serial Number Ford GPW 107775
Registrant's Name Ted Lejeune
City, State/Region, Country Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Date of Acquisition 1942-12-00
Date this SNdb Record Created 1999-02-04 11:31:44
Date This SNdb Record Last Updated 1999-02-04 11:31:44

Image of Data Plate
Mystery Box Missing (dataplate or glove box door)
Gross Weight
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Unknown
Date of Delivery (DOD) 1942-12-00

Image of Frame Number
Frame Number GPW 107775

Image of Engine Number
Engine Number TBD

Image of Hood Number
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number N/A

Image of Body Number
Body Number TBD
Body Type Unknown

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