Willys MB 436092

Found this in an old barn in the backwoods of Maine. The Origional owner bought it as a crate jeep and used it for bouncing around the Maine woods.

Name Raven
City, State/Region, Country , Maine, United States
Frame Number 436092
Engine Number 586603
Body Number 227422
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 20702709 S. And. USN 24
Factory Mystery Code 638632W. USN 240160
Gross Weight 3250
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Unknown
Date of Delivery 1945-04-23
Date of Acquisition 2012-03-15
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Date Info Created 2012-03-24 04:19:41
Date Info Last Updated 2012-05-09 12:59:43
Willys MB 436092
Barn Find
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