Willys MB 429955

This jeep supposedly was used at the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay on the Philippines until 1992. It has been brought to Germany in June 2015 and I bought it then. It runs perfect and makes a lot of fun. I am not sure about the hood number with that delivery date it should be higher than it is. Maybe someone knows the approximate number.

Name Claus Reitmaier
City, State/Region, Country Paderborn, NRW, Germany
Frame Number 429955
Engine Number 6857
Body Number MB04033113
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 20354271 S
Factory Mystery Code
Gross Weight 3650 lb
Data Plate Origin Reproduction
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1945-03-27
Date of Acquisition 2015-09-14
URL For More Info
Date Info Created 2015-10-03 08:47:50
Date Info Last Updated 2015-10-05 04:02:22
Image of jeep
Willys MB 429955
The engine is from Friday December 16th, 1955
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