Ford GPW 192660

Original body but does not have push-sockets ("cinch clips") for half-doors. Vehicle used by the Australian Army around Goulburn, NSW during WW2. Estimated 21st for the DoD but appears I am wrong, from this list :) Update: yes it _did_ have the cinch clips, but someone had welded them up very, very neatly on the left side. The right panel had been replaced. When I bought this jeep, it was a mess - the previous owner had a lawnmowing business and it was full of grass clippings! The toolbox floors were completely rusted out, the rear panel was homemade and a hole cut in the bonnet for a Holden carby. Taillight wiring was above the floor, inside plastic conduit. Missing many original items. Front bumper and rear crossmember was thick angle iron. Chassis cracked at front horns. Had been converted to right-hand drive, then back to left. Had the dashboard cut out for this on the right side. No glovebox lid, but the original dataplate was given to me seperately. The floor hump had been homemade from galvanised tin. I have done a lot to restore this jeep, however one day I intend to tear it right down to the chassis and do a PROPER restoration. Still looking for a good set of combat rims!

Name Steven Malikoff
City, State/Region, Country Sydney, NSW, Australia
Frame Number *GPW 192660*
Engine Number (at a friends place)
Body Number 1987 (AMC#)
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number
Factory Mystery Code (no stamp at all)
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1944-04-00
Date of Acquisition 1944-04-00
URL For More Info
Date Info Created 2000-02-07 02:25:02
Date Info Last Updated 2000-02-07 02:25:02
Image of jeep
Ford GPW 192660
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