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MB 351184

I have owned this jeep since 1964. It contains all original parts except I discarded the air filter when I first got the jeep (TEENAGERS) I have since replaced it. I painted it twice once black then Bell System Green(could not get OD flat). I originally purchased it for snow plowing(still have the plow). This required the movement of the oil filter to the left fender and placed the plow lift hydraulic unit where the oil filter belongs. I SOLD THIS JEEP IN JULY OF 2008 AND IT WAS SHIPPED TO LONDON, ENGLAND

Model & Serial Number MB 351184
Registrant's Name Art Baudo, Jr
City, State/Region, Country Piscataway, New Jersey, United States
Date of Acquisition 1964-07-01
Date this SNdb Record Created 2003-01-02 12:07:02
Date This SNdb Record Last Updated 2008-10-24 17:10:19

Image of Data Plate
Mystery Box ORD, PAYLOAD 800lb,Trailer 1000lb, Octane 68 min
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Zinc
Date of Delivery (DOD) 1944-07-15

Image of Frame Number
Frame Number MB35118 Willys Scout

Image of Engine Number
Engine Number 440590

Image of Hood Number
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number

Image of Body Number
Body Number
Body Type Unknown

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