Willys MB 102900

Please note that the original data plates were still installed on this MB when found in a NE Oklahoma farm yard. The serial number and other data plate information listed herein are true and correct and NOT a product of my imagination. This jeep did not have a slat grill or short windshield when purchased in late 2000 which were probably replaced while in service. Over the past three years of total restoration, I have found original replacements. The differential housings both have dates of December 4, 1941. The pedals are also "correct" for the delivery date, and the windshield latches are solid brass. All rims are the solid type found on early and prototype jeeps and are dated between March and June, 1941. As with most WW2 jeeps, a large portion of the floor was replaced using JPP sheet metal which were absolutely top notch in quality. Other items unique to this period of production which I have installed on my "slat" include an original Sheller steering wheel and the early air cleaner. My MB is painted using OD 33070 and dedicated to my Grandfather, Jim Adney, who served with the 158 Regimental Combat Team (The Bushmasters) in the Pacific Theatre of Operations and passed on in 1998.

Name Brian Routh
City, State/Region, Country Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Frame Number 102900
Engine Number blank - replacement
Body Number 5686
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 2034488
Factory Mystery Code NOMENCLATURE TRUCK 1/4 TON 4 x 4
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1941-12-09
Date of Acquisition 1941-12-09
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Date Info Created 2004-02-07 19:41:25
Date Info Last Updated 2004-02-07 19:41:25
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Willys MB 102900
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