Ford GPW 109945

Bought as rolling stock. Made in Louisville KT. Came with pre-MA engine(38 Willy Americar With GPW #),2 GPW Radiators,2 GPW Trannies,5 Combat rims,M38 seats (all 3),M38 Bows, etc. Was at one time an MP jeep judging from holes in wind screen. Uncovered Hood # on 10/31/01 #20371664 Hope to have Tub done before 03/07/04. Update #1. Almost done except for the Tub. Tub is 2/3 the way done and needs to be painted. UPDATE #2.Tub to be done tomorrow evening. Then paint,wiring,etc. Hopefully done for her 60th Birthday. Update #3. Tub is on and done,wiring done,etc. Painted stars and numbers on hood and rear panel 4/16/03. She will be ready for registration on 03/04/21 after 59 1/2 years. HAPPY DAY UPDATE #4. Registered on her 60th B-day at about the time she rolled off the assembly line.

Name Paul FitzGerald
City, State/Region, Country Hercules, California, United States
Frame Number *GPW109945*
Engine Number None
Body Number not scripted
Body Type Ford
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number 20371664
Factory Mystery Code 1/4 T
Gross Weight 2456
Data Plate Origin Original
Data Plate Material Plated Steel
Date of Delivery 1943-04-21
Date of Acquisition 1943-04-21
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Date Info Created 2003-05-23 15:07:58
Date Info Last Updated 2012-03-15 13:59:40
Image of jeep
Ford GPW 109945
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