Willys MB 107676

Sold by Australian Army in 1966. The stars and the serial No's had been obscured by a dash a kahki paint. A farmer bought it with two GPWs and cannabalised them to keep the Willys going. When he bought it the paint was still wet & he reckoned that the Willys went better then the Fords. I bought it in 1986 for $250.00 in VERY poor condition. I have restored it to the condition it was in when it still had U.S. markings. The jeep has been from the top of AUST to the bottom. I have installed an overdrive for those long distance drives. Am now restoring another Slat Grill that was made two weeks before this one. A fellow came up to me one day and said that after seeing mine it reminded him of the one in the shed!It was in 1000's of pieces but has the straightest body on an unrestored jeep that I have ever seen -- Except for where they put a modern trailer plug socket in the rear panel, right where the "LL's are in Willys. It was going to be restored "one day" but they never got around to it and are glad it went to a good home! They had the Jeep foraround 30 or 40 years.IN the shed IN pieces!

Name Ray Kickert
City, State/Region, Country Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
Frame Number 107676
Engine Number
Body Number
Body Type Unknown
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number
Factory Mystery Code
Gross Weight
Data Plate Origin Unknown
Data Plate Material Brass
Date of Delivery 1941-12-28
Date of Acquisition 1941-12-28
URL For More Info
Date Info Created 2001-08-02 23:54:44
Date Info Last Updated 2001-08-02 23:54:44
Image of jeep
Willys MB 107676
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