Willys MB 387528

MB restored in 1999, only original numbers left were body and engine#'s. Frank Berg from Oslo helped me with best guessed frame and hood #'s. Several Ford marks, hood hinge, gear box, bumperete... I went to Normandy in 2004 and filmed a documentary about the 60th anniversary of D Day landings riding this jeep. There I met my friends Frank Berg, Bob Asselbergs and Jan Hoelse, some of the greatest jeep "coneseurs" in the world... Me and jeep fellow Roberto Maués founded the first MV club in Rio de Janeiro in 2000. Please, check our website: www.cvmarj.com.br. Brazil has a lot of jeeps running around, not many carefull restorations, but we are getting there with the help of G503! A big thank you!

Name João Barone
City, State/Region, Country Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Frame Number guessed-387528
Engine Number 641087LW10ANICRN2
Body Number 140935
Body Type ACM Type 2
Hood (Mil. Reg.) Number guessed-20629140S
Factory Mystery Code ord
Gross Weight 3125
Data Plate Origin Missing
Data Plate Material Aluminum
Date of Delivery 0000-00-00
Date of Acquisition 0000-00-00
URL For More Info www.cvmarj.com.br
Date Info Created 2001-08-06 10:25:43
Date Info Last Updated 2006-10-16 04:52:59
Image of jeep
Willys MB 387528
This is my 44 MB that went to Normandy during the 60th anniversary of D Day landings. It went by plane form Rio de Janeiro to Paris and I rode 1500Km around France in it!
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