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Most Recent Serial Numbers to be Added or Modified

Jeep Type Serial Number Last Updated (UTC) Name City State/Province Country Image
Ford GPW 187400 Sun 1:12am, Feb 6th Terry Oakley Chiltern Victoria Australia
Ford GPW 275452 Wed 8:12pm, Feb 2nd George Max Davis Ca United States
Ford GPW 47878 Wed 2:13pm, Feb 2nd Bob Bryan Ft. Worth Texas United States
Ford GPW 104510 Wed 2:10pm, Feb 2nd Douglas Gordon Indian Wells California United States
Willys MB 206978 Wed 1:04pm, Feb 2nd Ralph Wicke New Bern North Carolina United States
Ford GPW 72809 Tue 6:53am, Feb 1st Lance Jones Carrollton Georgia United States
Ford GPW 49981 Sun 11:16am, Jan 30th John Gibbs Droitwich Worcestershire England
Willys MB 111209 Wed 2:20pm, Jan 26th Dave Shelton Wheeling West Virginia United States
Willys MB 397447 Mon 5:43pm, Jan 24th Steve Lash Santa Rosa California United States
Willys MB 101634 Sun 4:56pm, Jan 23rd Bill Rossi Santa Rosa California United States
* New! denotes records that were created in the last 2 weeks.