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Most Recent Serial Numbers to be Added or Modified

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Jeep Type Serial Number Last Updated (UTC) Name City State/Province Country Image
Willys MB 373235 Fri 5:36pm, Jan 14th Cliff Bambridge Wollongong New South Wales Australia
Willys MB 286077 Fri 5:36pm, Jan 14th Darrell Montgomery Tulare California United States
Willys MB 349377 Fri 5:36pm, Jan 14th Dustin Roderigas Geronimo Ok USA
Willys MB 459758 Fri 5:36pm, Jan 14th Jim Leonard Douglasville Ga United States
Willys MB 361504 Fri 5:35pm, Jan 14th Zins Bernard Kalhausen Moselle France
Willys MB 222687 Fri 5:35pm, Jan 14th Alvis Woolam Andrews Texas United States
Willys MB 416660 Fri 5:35pm, Jan 14th David Krenik Huntington Bch. Ca United States
Willys MB 354979 Fri 5:34pm, Jan 14th Kenneth Stimpson Lewisville Nc United States
Willys MB 213330 Fri 5:28pm, Jan 14th Vern Mcnulty Ft. Lewis Wa United States
Willys MB 250783 Fri 5:27pm, Jan 14th Gianluca Rezzoagli Azzano Mella Brescia Italy
* New! denotes records that were created in the last 2 weeks.