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Most Recent Serial Numbers to be Added or Modified

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Jeep Type Serial Number Last Updated (PDT) Name City State/Province Country Image
Ford GPW 14518 Fri 6:27am, Jan 22nd Ozzie Gorbitz Mcminnville Tennessee United States
Ford GPW 55791 Thu 12:31pm, Jan 21st Daniel Wesolowski Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
Ford GPW 198640 Mon 10:06pm, Jan 18th Dave Barbara Singleton Nsw Australia
Willys MB 203871 Mon 5:48pm, Jan 18th Michael Johnson Vineyard Utah United States
Ford GPW 75823 Mon 1:53pm, Jan 18th Ken Creason Apple Valley California United States
Ford GPW 200524 Mon 10:14am, Jan 18th Narin Tijayang Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Ford GPW 4669 Sun 12:36pm, Jan 17th Stephen Williams Colchester Suffolk United Kingdom
Ford GPW 6008 Tue 1:13pm, Jan 12th Chris Hall Sleaford Lincolnshire United Kingdom
Ford GPW 0 Tue 12:17pm, Jan 12th Jerry Haynes Flixton , Manchester United Kingdom
Willys MB 0 Tue 12:14pm, Jan 12th Jerry Haynes Flixton , Manchester United Kingdom
* New! denotes records that were created in the last 2 weeks.