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Most Recent Serial Numbers to be Added or Modified

Jeep Type Serial Number Last Updated (UTC) Name City State/Province Country Image
Willys MB 242051 Sat 3:22pm, Feb 25th Didier Lombard Millcreek Utah USA
Willys MB 276991 Sat 3:22pm, Feb 25th Charles Lombard Salt Lake City Utah USA
Willys MB 369584 Sat 3:21pm, Feb 25th Didier Lombard Millcreek Utah USA
Willys MB 295187 Sat 3:19pm, Feb 25th Didier Lombard Millcreek USA
Willys MB 95948 Tue 1:46am, Feb 21st Greg Panico Fresno Ca United States
Ford GPW 239133 Sun 7:06pm, Feb 12th Jerry Reidy Nebo Nc USA
Ford GPW 108353 Sat 5:04pm, Feb 11th John Baluch Conneaut Ohio United States
Ford GPW 275097 Thu 8:52pm, Feb 9th Fernando Llames Merlo Buenos Aires Argentina
Ford GPW 0 Mon 1:10am, Jan 30th Jim Heisterkamp Newcastle Ca United States
Willys MB 143674 Thu 2:51am, Jan 19th Mark Gaynor Zoar Ohio USA
* New! denotes records that were created in the last 2 weeks.