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Most Recent Serial Numbers to be Added or Modified

Jeep Type Serial Number Last Updated (UTC) Name City State/Province Country Image
Willys MB 0 Fri 4:52pm, Mar 31st Martin Duckworth Bradwell House, Lincoln Road, Ingham Ln1 2xf Lincoln Great Britain
Ford GPW 98137 Wed 8:19pm, Mar 22nd Robert Conrad Woodbridge Virginia United States
Willys MB 206277 Sat 6:14pm, Mar 18th Jos Hamminga Meeden Groningen Nederland
Willys MB 106163 Sat 6:03pm, Mar 18th Jos Hamminga Meeden Groningen Nederland
Ford GPW 110366 Mon 10:40pm, Mar 13th Ed Cummins Oakdale California United States
Ford GPW 212124 Thu 9:45pm, Mar 2nd Nicolas Combaret Chamalières Auvergne France
Ford GPW 0 Wed 6:40pm, Mar 1st Tomas P Prague Prague Czech Republic
Willys MB 323415 Tue 9:34pm, Feb 28th Paul Esterellas Carnoules France
Ford GPW 4808 Tue 7:39pm, Feb 28th Simon White Winter Garden Florida United States
Willys MB 399606 Sat 3:23pm, Feb 25th P. Foley Eping U.K
* New! denotes records that were created in the last 2 weeks.